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A hero challenge is a task that rewards the character with a hero point upon completion. Hero points then can be spent on unlocking new skills and traits in the Training tab of the Hero panel. Hero challenges are locked for new accounts until a character reaches level 11.

Completing a hero challenge in Central Tyria zones grants a single hero point. Hero challenges in the expansion zones (Heart of Maguuma, Crystal Desert, and Cantha regions) grant ten points. Between hero challenges and level rewards, there are more hero points available in the world than needed to fully train all skills and traits, so completing every hero challenge is not required.

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There are several types of hero challenges:

Defeat a single NPC (usually an initially friendly one, who offers the sparring challenge).
Group combat
Defeat a high ranking NPC and several weaker enemies. Some hero challenges in the expansion zones, especially in the Heart of Thorns, are intended for groups due to their high difficulty. It is recommended to use map chat or Looking For Group tool to find other players.
Consumable item
An NPC or an interactive object will grant an item that can be consumed to receive a hero point. It is impossible to gain more than the one intended hero point from an item challenge by obtaining multiple items (for example, Cuatl Tonic), as consuming additional copies will not produce any effect.
Channeling interaction with an object at the places of power, areas of magical, spiritual or historical significance. Places of power are frequently guarded by a powerful enemy or multiple enemies, which do not have to be defeated, but can interfere and interrupt the lengthy channeling process. Can often be simplified by using Stealth.
During a conversation with an NPC, choose the correct answers from a given selection.
Complete a mini-game challenge, such as Deputy Crackshot's hero challenge.

Combat challenges in the expansion zones can be repeated daily for rewards, but will not grant additional hero points.

Heroics Notary[edit]

The Heroics Notary in World versus World offers consumable items for Proofs of Heroics, Testimonies of Desert Heroics and Testimonies of Jade Heroics. These items will complete a random incomplete hero challenge in the associated region:

  • Notarized Scroll of Central Tyrian Heroics — Central Tyria, cost 1 token, give one hero point.
  • Notarized Scroll of Maguuma HeroicsHeart of Maguuma, cost 10 token, give 10 hero points.
  • Notarized Scroll of Desert HeroicsCrystal Desert, cost 10 token, give 10 hero points.
  • Notarized Scroll of Jade HeroicsCantha, cost 10 token, give 10 hero points.

Alternatively, the Black Lion Hero Point Scrolls can be purchased from the Gem Store, granting the same functionality as the Notarized Scrolls.

List of hero challenges[edit]

  • List of hero challenges in Ascalon
  • List of hero challenges in Kryta
  • List of hero challenges in the Maguuma Jungle
  • List of hero challenges in the Maguuma Wastes
  • List of hero challenges in Ruins of Orr
  • List of hero challenges in the Shiverpeak Mountains
End of Dragons
  • List of hero challenges in Cantha
Heart of Thorns
  • List of hero challenges in the Heart of Maguuma
Path of Fire
  • List of hero challenges in the Crystal Desert
World versus World
  • List of hero challenges in World vs World

Map icons[edit]

CampaignIncompleteIncomplete todayCompleteHero Points awarded
Central Tyria 1
Heart of Maguuma, Crystal Desert, Cantha 10
  • Icons with the infinite symbol in the bottom right corner can be repeated – these are usually combat hero challenges – but will not grant you additional hero points.
    • Repeatable challenges in the expansion maps may not provide a cleared status for the day if the mini boss was killed while the map is loading the textures. This can be fixed by switching to a different character and finishing the challenge.



In the text boxes for the various hero challenges throughout the map, the icons to start the "communing" ones are inconsistent and may be any of the following: a green check mark, a green arrow, or sometimes the crossed swords icon indicating the beginning of a fight with that particular NPC.


  • Before June 23rd 2015, hero challenges were called skill challenges, which had a light blue chevron icon.
  • At one point during the development, there were hero challenges in major cities such as Rata Sum.
  • There were 183 hero challenges during the first Beta Weekend Event, 176 during the second, 187 during the third, and 199 hero challenges during the August 2nd stress test.
    • As of the August 9th Stress Test there were 201 hero challenges.
    • As of the August 15th Stress Test there were 203 hero challenges.
    • As of launch day, 28th August 2012, there were 202 hero challenges.

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