J.E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. : Ennis, Texas (TX) (2024)

J.E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. : Ennis, Texas (TX) (1)

David Keever

Owner/President/Funeral Director/Embalmer

Email: [emailprotected]
Phone: 972-875-3891

David E. Keever is the third generation owner of the Keever family business begun by J. E. Keever in August of 1918. David and his wife, Debbie, have two children: Christine (Keever) Maier and Matthew K. Keever. David and Debbie have been blessed with five grandchildren thus far and always look forward to spending time with them. David has been a vital member of the staff of J. E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. since the mid-1970's when his father, Samuel A. Keever was the owner. Today, the same J. E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. traditions of compassion, dignity and the highest quality of service remains under the very capable leadership of David E. Keever.

J.E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. : Ennis, Texas (TX) (2)

Matt Keever

Funeral Professional

Email: [emailprotected]
Phone: 972-875-3891

Matthew Keever is a proud member of the J.E. Keever Mortuary staff. He began his tenure June of 2000, working side by side with his father to continue their tradition of compassion, integrity, and service. Matt is a 1999 graduate of Ennis High School. Matt received a degree in Applied Science from the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service. After college he began to work full time as a funeral professional with aspirations of one day managing the family business. Matt is certified to operate a crematory, and is licensed to sell insurance funded pre-need and trust funded pre-need plans. Matt and his family are active members of The Avenue Church. He is a Member/Director of the Ennis Noon Lions Club, Board Member of Ennis Golden Circle, Board Member of Ennis United Way, Ennis Masonic Lodge, Texas Funeral Director’s Association and Selected Independent Funeral Directors. He is a proud sponsor and supporter of many community events and charities. He and his family are strong supporters of the Ennis schools and Ennis Lions. Matt is a very dedicated father. He enjoys spending time with his three children Natalie,Will and Charlie. Matt enjoys his career and believes it is a ministry. He plans to further the growth of the company and focus on the constant changes of the funeral industry allowing families the opportunity to receive the highest level of service.

J.E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. : Ennis, Texas (TX) (3)

Paul Wood

Full-time Funeral Director/Crematory Director

Email: [emailprotected]
Phone: 972-875-3891

Paul Wood joined the staff of J.E. Keever Mortuary/Twin Oaks Crematory as a certified crematory operator and is the Director of our Twin Oaks Crematory. Paul is originally from Paris, Texas but has lived in the Ennis area for many years. In addition to his work with Twin Oaks, Paul is retired from the Hutchins Fire Department as an Engineer. Paul is a certified Fire Fighter, Paramedic, EMS Instructor and a Fire Fighter instructor. Paul is a licensed Funeral Director and also is licensed to sell "pre-need" funeral plans. Paul is a "people person" and he would love to meet and assist you in pre-planning your final arrangements. Call for an appointment today!

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Christine Keever Maier

Monument Specialist

Email: [emailprotected]

Christine Keever Maier has recently joined our staff as our Monument Specialist.

Christine is the daughter of David and Debbie Keever. She is married to Eric Maier and they have two beautiful children, Jacob and Abigail.

Christine received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Mary Hardin Baylor and her Master’s Degree from Lamar University.

She worked for twelve years as an Educator and has recently taken over the office manager position at MowPro’s of Ennis.

Call us to make an appointment to sit down and visit with Christine for your monument needs.

J.E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. : Ennis, Texas (TX) (5)

Carol Brazier

Administrative Assistant

Email: [emailprotected]
Phone: 972-875-3891

Carol joined the Keever staff on April 15, 2009 with many years of experience. Carol grew up in Ennis and has always called Ennis her home. She is the friendly face behind the front desk, the kind, gentle voice that answers the telephone and meets the public with a warm greeting. Carol is married to Robert Brazier and they have three children and five grandchildren.

J.E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. : Ennis, Texas (TX) (6)

Robert Brazier

Staff Musician/Technology & Director's Assistant

Email: [emailprotected]
Phone: 972-875-3891

After retiring from a thirty-one year career with the Ennis ISD as a Music Specialist, Mr. Brazier joined the Keever family business on June 1, 2007. As staff musician, he provides music for services requiring an organist, pianist and/or vocalist. He is also in charge of filing the appropriate paperwork for death certificates and cremation permits and coordinating the technology for video tributes of the deceased. He and his wife, Carol (Anthony), a life-long Ennisite, have been married over forty years and have three grown children and five grandchildren.

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Brandon Foshee

Crematory Operations

Phone: 972-875-3891

Brandon comes from a family involved in the funeral industry and currently operates Twin Oaks Crematory, owned and operated by J. E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. He is also a Provisional Funeral Director and Embalmer. At the completion of his provisional period, Brandon will be a fully licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer. He and his wife, Hillary, have three children.

Neely Pierce

Provisional Funeral Director and Embalmer

Phone: 972-875-3891

Neely also comes from a family involved in the funeral industry. She is currently a Provisional Funeral Director and Embalmer, but at the conclusion of her provisional period, she will be a fully licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. She has twin boys that are her pride and joy.

J.E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. : Ennis, Texas (TX) (8)

Cozette Duke

Night Hostess

Phone: 972-875-3891

Cozette is a valued employee of J.E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. where she has served as Night Receptionist for many years.

She is married to Paul Duke and they have two sons, Jeremy and Josh Duke. She and Paul have three grandsons.

Cozette also maintains the beauty of our facility.

Janice Witherspoon

Night Hostess

Email: [emailprotected]
Phone: 972.875.3891

J.E. Keever Mortuary, Inc. : Ennis, Texas (TX) (2024)
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