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Dec 10, 2022, 07:41 PM

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Had rain & wind till end of month, so 2022-7-31 was first clear to fly day.
- Didn't put the Cowling on figuring it might be nose heavy, used lightest prop an Orange GWS 7030E.
Got 4 tosses before broke it. It wants to do that 3D straight up like a rocket stuff. So needs the nose weight!
Toss 2 lower power, went out say 5ft, got up 10 did the wing stall to left, down on top of ferns. Toss 3 about same
watching power, not turning. Toss#4 doing same till on stick and it just flipped over, slammed nose to ground.
No other damage. --So it can take some more added weight.

2022-8-07 Cut out 20x4 ailerons. They sit out 6cm from middle & 3cm in from tips. have 22cm skewers that slide into stir-straws notch into wing edges. Using one 9gm servo mounted just behind the spar skewer at 4-7cm. Cut out a pyramid notch in bottom of fuse, p-rods "V" out on top of wing. Using some easy to bend "flower stem" green wire, don't think best idea but seems to work.
- Dressed up my creamer cowl with blue, red & black stripes.
- Added 3cm pop-sticks to my motor mount sides & top. Was gonna anchor screw to hold cowl-but only need on top and others shim in it good.

Next flight test was 2022-8-12
Had the cowl on, using Mast-crew 7x5 prop and batt all way forward... it still did the 3D rocket up, helicoptered for a bit than flipped, fell on ferns. Clicked my trim switch for throttle to almost half. Toss#2 it still shot up 10ft cut power has it did left turn, wasn't really on the AILE stick yet and it on slow curve back to yard, still had some nose up but it went in 20ft was kinda of a flight? So trim Rudd & Aile to give more right prop counter, moved batt back 2cm. Well Toss#3 & 4 m2ore 3D like, last was up 8ft hang'n on prop till flipped over. Crashed canopy down. Didn't seem hard but it cracked fuse at the servo pyramid. Also bent "V" in wing on right.
- The bottom fuse gets two 12cm skewers to strengthen up at the pyramid point & lota tape.
- Add soda jug plastic to top of wing 8cm at LE to 10cm at TE. Fix this bend and also hold pegs in better.
- Moved both servos back 5cm closer to tail. Thinking the batt needs to come more forward but can't see how can saw up any more foam & keep design.

Next time out 2022-8-17 it tried to attack me! Did the same out like 3D'r 10ft up flipped over, turn left but came back at me. Missed my leg by a few inches.
- It can take more weight. So 2022-8-20 clad it all in Styrofoam cup skin. Put two pennies in front.
--Its not true to the canopy indent Turtledeck of P-66, just a rush job for the idea.

Took this "Clad" out 2022-8-24 Did the same 3D hang on prop but did go out about 5ft till flipped over.
Toss#2 somehow bumped my wrist on the H-stab and it busted off. Plane did a thud on nose, pulled a motor/ESC wire bullet off.

2022-8-28 Got idea that the AOA might be off? Maybe if extend the LE out and curve down a bit more then won't want to just climb right up. (Ok, I'm really thinking the motors too big for this size plane but trying to stick with the equipment I have). So put on full length like a KFg bottom step from the bambo spar. over-hangs 3cm. Worked a good curve into it before glued on.
--Really putting more work into other planes as fall seems to be blowing in.

2022-9-02 took it out and did 4tosses all short 5ft out before twist onto top of dying ferns.
2022-9-08 Did some DX7 travel-adj changes, up the exp on stick. Toss maybe 6x changing where placed batt. After added pennies to front found it wanted to go behind co*ckpit. Took in and taped to the right side ahead of servo. Well, it didn't flip left, it flipped right and busted tip off H-stab. Elvt still worked, so move batt under servo w/ velcro strap, added two more pennies in pill bottle. Kept power low, it went in slow arch to right about 15ft till hit dry ferns. Should'a been tail now what?...add pennies at tail end?
- Sat on bench all of October. Took a servo for another plane.

Last time out - the ferns had all dried up 2022-11-10.
-Had shaved about 1.5cm under windshield so batt could go that much forward.
-- Really think need a lighter/smaller batt pac or motor. (still bigger than 180sz)
...but hey had extra 5030 props --why not try that?
Nope complete fail... spun up nice but just fluted down to ground.

Got first snow 2022-11-16 just covering, then on Sat 19th, gave us 4" cover. So started working on "snow" float planes. Then it all melted off by December 5th.

2022-12-05 Did it back up in Styro cub clad. This time trying to make it look more like the civilian Harlow
-2 two-seater PJC-5. Used another creamer bottle, added 4pennies in pill bottle, a sparkling water bottle became the canopy. Back to 7x5 prop. All the snow had got had melted down that afternoon, did about 6 tosses over the dead ferns field. 1st toss cracked the LE white extension, so pulled it off & went on. Next two went out 5ft but in left arch an any input just flipped over. Twisted the motor cap in for prop torque, but next two tosses same twitchy if did any turning on sticks. It's doing that I could if I wanted to but eh, its' cold out here.

- I'm gonna keep this as a Harlow PJC-5 as covers up for any possible future out in snow tosses. Learn from it's errors & see if can go WS30-33 with a BT-13 this spring.

The PJC is "related' in that Max Harlow was Howard Hughes' weather & aeronautics professor at the Pasadena Junior College. He got with a partner, J.B. Alexander in 1939 on idea of building this as a cadet trainer....or buying into Interstate Aircraft & Cub Aircraft of Canada. They sold 50 PJC-5 to the Royal Indian Air Force in 1942...and the hanger/repair facility turned into Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. They've moved on to building MIG-21 & 35, and their own jet fighters & Choppers.

Blog#30 Pst#3 Pix =12

2022-12-05 Flt Testing: =p3-xx
p3-01 2022-7-31 GWS Orange broken prop
p3-02 2022-8-07 P66 Aile cut parts out
p3-03 2022-8-17 P-66 pix3 picnic Lft side
p3-04 2022-8-17 P-66 pix4 grass canpoy popd
p3-05 2022-8-19 P-66 pix6 Servo notch & Batt tray (Add skewer on sides)
The Clad:
p3-06 2022-8-20 P-66 styro-cup sides (no white LE)
p3-07 2022-8-24 P-66 Go2 pix3 Busted Lft H-stab fin
no clad - white LE
p3-08 2022-9-02 P66 pix1 Rt side picnic
p3-09 2022-9-08 P66 pix4 Batt behind co*ckpit (BEST FLT BATT AT)
p3-10 2022-9-08 P66 pix5 Go2 Rgt on grass chip off Stab (Batt tape behind co*ckpit)
p3-11 2022-9-08 P66 pix7 Go2 side Batt DX7 Bucket (Chip off Rt H-stab)
p3-12 2022-11-10 P66 5030 prop front


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NF Blog#30  Failed to fly WS23" P-66 Vultee Vanguard (2024)
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