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In this video I give a rundown on the Okumura boss fight, provide tips to make it easier, and showcase my Persona setup to trivialize the Okumura boss fight in Persona 5 Royal for the Playstation 4.

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Over the past few weeks, I've seen both on YouTube in my video comments and from viewers on my stream, a common notion that the Okamoto boss fight is very difficult, personally, I, don't feel this way as I've never really struggled with it still it's undeniable that others are struggling with it.

So today I wanted to give some tips on the fight as well as showcase to persona that make it an absolute breeze.

But before we get into the video I do just want to remind you that I stream most days over on twitch at twitch.tv, slash Roselyn gaming.

You can find a link in the video description below I've also done a fair number of videos covering persona 5 royal and all of its systems.

So in case, you're interested in that as well I will leave a playlist link in the video description as well.

The Okamoto boss fight will see the player pitted against waves of enemies of increasing difficulty.

All while a timer is counting down at the top of the screen, each wave consists of one enemy type and for all waves, except for the last two and consists of enemies.

You fought throughout the palace for the most part.

These waves shouldn't be much of an issue.

Okamoto will occasionally give the order for one of the enemies to self-destruct in which case you either need to hunker down and guard or finish off the wave that turn.

Otherwise you generally have about two turns to finish off each waves after which if you have not finished the enemies off, they will be replenished by new fresh full HP versions, finishing one enemy off and leaving the rest alive can also lead to all of the enemies being replenished.

But this generally shouldn't be a concern.

Another instance, that can cause the wave to be replenished is if Okamoto gives an order to have them target one of your party members.

And that party member happens to not be there.

This can actually be used it to your advantage.

If you feel you won't have the damage one round, or you need the time to recover and set up just rotate out the member who is targeted, and you will have a free turn of receiving no damage at the cost of the enemies, essentially being fully healed, not ideal, but something to keep in mind once each enemy in a wave has been finished off in the same turn.

The next wave will come.

And this will repeat until the end of the fight, which consists of eight waves, total wave, six seven and eight consisting of just one enemy wave.

Six is easily the most difficult part of the fight and pits you against one giant enemy that has no weaknesses nor resistances wave, seven we'll help you face cognitive, hah, do.

But the only thing you should really be worrying about here is staying topped up and keeping the knee defense down debuffs removed from your team.

Oh Camuto will give her the order to self-destruct.

But so long, as you aren't debuff and are at full HP, this really shouldn't kill you.

And you don't even really need to guard either wave.

Eight is Oka motive himself, but he basically falls over dead too even a slight breeze.

However, while doing all of these waves, he will occasionally be buffing the defense of some enemies and lowering your defense.

So it's best to have a plan to deal with this with that brief explanation of the fight of the way let's take a look at some of the things you can do to make the fight easier for yourself.

The obvious things to try and be hitting the weaknesses of each enemy and making use of baton pass.

You can use items to help create longer baton pass chains.

But outside of hard mode that really shouldn't be necessary once or twice as more than enough, it's also possible to apply status ailments to the enemies in this fight with dizzy being particularly effective.

This is important because it opens the door for dealing technical damage, which assuming your party's technical rank is rank.

4 allows for additional ways to down enemies and bypass enemy.

Resistances equally important is to make sure you are removing debuffs off of your party.

Specifically the defense down debuff, the Okamoto frequently casts.

The single biggest mistake a player can make with regards to this fight is simply not removing debuffs.

It can also be a good idea to have a way to remove any buffs, the enemies put on themselves as well.

And having a way to lower at the enemies attack, especially against wave, 6 will definitely go a long way towards keeping you alive.

Speaking of wave, 6, when Okamoto gives the enemy, a special order, it will use a massive AOE attack on the following turn make sure you have lowered the enemy's attack.

And you are guarding or you risk dying, especially on harder difficulties of special note.

If you happen to have the hunger debuff on you, which can be applied by Okamura or the wave, 6 enemy, you will actually be healed with this attack as for actually dealing effective damage to the wave, 6 enemy stick with physical damage.

You can deal magic damage, but he has the ability to cast McCotter card on himself, which can be annoying.

It can also be inflicted with the dizzy status, ailment just like the rest of the enemies.

And you can also critically hit him making use of this can allow you to down him and on pass to another party member for increased damage.

Alright, we've gone over the fight and taking a look at a number of tips to make it easier.

But what about the party I recommend to actually accomplish this effectively? Well, I recommend on and Makoto.

On provides the ability to lower the enemy's attack with Matt Aranda, which is especially good on wave 6.

And she can remove buffs off of the enemies with Akasha.

The reason I recommend Makoto for this fight is for the sole reason that she can remove the defense down debuff off of your party with takunda when not doing that.

She can also help out in the healing Department.

Now you can certainly have Joker do any of these things.

But with the persona setup I will be showcasing after this.

He will be your primary damage source.

So I, prefer to relegate these tasks to my party members for the third slot.

You can really use anyone both Hari Om, Morgana hit enemy, weak spots in multiple waves.

Morgana can provide more healing, whereas harue can do some nifty things with tetra card by casting it on a party member who has been selected by kumuda.

You can also swap with ugn during wave 6 for more damage against the enemy.

If you feel you need it either way.

The last slot is really up to personal preference.

And now for the two persona that I make for Joker that really trivialize this encounter deck, adobea and white writer, the deck adobea that you see here can hit every element, except for frost and has the relentless persona trait allowing for 50% increased damage to weak spots making.

It is incredibly simple, fuse a Stone of Scone treasure demon, which can be found in futaba's palace with a nickimja tama and then passed down all of these single target magic skills as well as the relentless persona trait to remove its weakness.

The physical, you have a couple of options.

If you've completed the mementos request against the cheater, you should have a no physical skill card.

If not you can use the free DLC persona to pass it down easy.

Now, keep ero learns that at level, 25 and cog, a learns repel physical at level, 22, you can also try to find it on the fusion network.

If you wanted the next persona that I recommend is white writer, triple down will be your main damage source as it deals a lot of damage in the Okubo to fight, even the enemies that supposedly have our resistance that gun damage seemed to take full damage from it.

White rider, naturally learns gum boost at level 40.

And you can itemize him into a gun, amp skill card while under a fusion alarm.

Charge can be passed down from a number of persona with the earliest being sat on to who learns at level 25.

You can also get a charged skill card from doing mementos requests.

The easiest way to get apt pupil during okema des Palace would be from bicorn who learns that level 8 as for white riders persona trait you.

Ideally want something that increases damage on baton pass as things such as striking weight, don't, increase gun damage with these two persona, your general flow of battle with Joker will be to use deco davia through the multi enemy waves to either kill them or knock them down, and then to switch to light rider and use triple down.

If you ended your last turn on white rider, then try to down the enemies with free teammates and baton pass back to Joker for the wave.

6 fight you almost exclusively use white writer rotating between charge and triple down.

If you happen to score critical hit just use triple down again for extra damage to downed enemies and that's, really all there is to it as long as you are making sure to remove debuffs from your party.

And using the two persona I just showcased.

Then the Okamoto fight should be very easy for you.

And the timer will be a non-factor just to make sure that you guard against the big attack on the wave, 6 enemy on harder difficulties.

If you found this video helpful and informative, please be sure to leave a like and consider subscribing to the channel.

Also, if you have any questions, you can feel free to ask me in the comment section below over on my twitch channel at twitch.tv, slash Roselyn gaming or my discord, which you can find a link to in the video description until next time take care.

Okumura Boss Fight Made Easy (Boss Guide + Persona Build) | Persona 5 Royal (2024)


Okumura Boss Fight Made Easy (Boss Guide + Persona Build) | Persona 5 Royal? ›

As long as one Thief is left standing, Okumura will take to the battlefield himself. In Royal, he has a scant 1HP. So as long as you deal any actual damage to him, you'll defeat him in a single blow. Enjoy the cutscenes before heading back home, knowing you've finished the fifth palace for Persona 5 Royal.

How do you beat Okumura boss in Persona 5 Royal? ›

As long as one Thief is left standing, Okumura will take to the battlefield himself. In Royal, he has a scant 1HP. So as long as you deal any actual damage to him, you'll defeat him in a single blow. Enjoy the cutscenes before heading back home, knowing you've finished the fifth palace for Persona 5 Royal.

How do you beat Okumura easily? ›

The best bet here is to Block when Okumura gives the order for her to sacrifice herself as if Joker is knocked out, it's an instant game over even if his teammates are still standing. With all his robots destroyed, Okumura will be left alone.

What is the best team for Okumura Persona 5 Royal? ›

Best Party For Okumura's Palace

For the easiest time, we'd suggest bringing Haru, Makoto, and Morgana.

What is Okumura Palace weak to p5r? ›

He's weak to psio attacks, too, so use a combination of fire, wind, and psio attacks to handle this battle with ease and take the Chief Director ID. This was the one you needed for the initial elevator, so head back up there to go through the door that was locked until you had this ID to continue to the next section.

Is Okumura the hardest boss? ›

This boss fight is notorious for being incredibly difficult. Even with the right team composition, high levels, and lowering the difficulty of the game this fight is no easy task. While Okumura himself is not strong at all, his increasingly powerful employees can be nearly impossible to beat.

What level should I be to beat Okumura? ›

Main Story Bosses
BossRecommended Level
OkumuraRecommended Party level: 42-44
SaeRecommended Party level: 52-54
ShidoRecommended Party level: 63-65 (This boss battle has a difficult 1v1 at the end, so it's best to aim for the upper recommended level for Joker)
YaldaboathRecommended Party level: 74-76
5 more rows
Apr 25, 2023

Can you do Okumura Palace in 1 day? ›

You can clear this Palace in a single day. Because of this, infiltrate the Palace for the first time no later than October 8th so that you can send the calling card on the 9th and steal his heart on the 10th. When you're ready, gather your team and make your way into the Palace.

How much HP does Okumura have? ›


Who is the best party member for Okumura's Palace? ›

Best Party For Okumura's Palace

Truly, all party members may be tough here on account of the wide spread of affinities, the length of the palace, and some rather cruel mini-bosses that all lead to a timed final boss fight against Shadow Okumura. For the easiest time, we'd suggest bringing Haru, Makoto, and Morgana.

Who should I fight Okumura with? ›

Note that Okumura will target a random member of the party and focus all enemy attacks on them. Having Ann and Morgana on the team can make quick work of them, especially if Ann happens to inflict the Burn status on any of them and Morgana or Joker can follow up with even more Wind damage.

Who is the most popular girl in Persona 5 Royal? ›

A string of female characters follows soon after with Makoto Nijima, Kasumi Yoshizawa, and Futaba Sakura coming in second, third, and fourth respectively. It's actually not too surprising to see these rankings as well, with Makoto making the top spot in other people's top Persona 5 Royal characters lists.

What are Okumura's robots weak to? ›

These blue bots are weak to both fire and wind. Use abilities that hit multiple enemies to strike them and take them out quickly, otherwise they will heal the boss. The boss himself is weak to Psi abilities. Luck for us that Haru has plenty of those at her disposal.

What is the strongest persona in p5r? ›

#1 - Satanael Is The Best Persona In Persona 5 Royal, Provided You Do A New Game Plus Run. The Ultimate Persona of the Fool Arcana, Satanael is given to the protagonist at the very end of the game. Given the brevity of its appearance, one could be forgiven for thinking that this persona only exists for the final fight.

What is the final boss in Okumura Palace weak to? ›

These blue bots are weak to both fire and wind. Use abilities that hit multiple enemies to strike them and take them out quickly, otherwise they will heal the boss. The boss himself is weak to Psi abilities.

What is Okumura Palace enemies weakness? ›

Shadow Enemies
7 more rows
Apr 7, 2020

How to beat Okumura boss Persona 5 Royal reddit? ›

Help. How do I beat Okumura?
  1. Get a strong Persona with either good Curse or Psy abilities.
  2. If you have been doing the strength Confidant, you can make them really OP, but this isn't necessary.
  3. Optionally, get a Persona with Matarukaja and boost the parties attack prior to attempting to take down the green robots.
Mar 2, 2023

What is Okumura's palace shadows weak to? ›

They're pretty much immune to most ailments, but luckily for you, they're also pretty susceptible to attacks of either electric, psychic, or bless skills.

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