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state capital. the republican control state legislature, twice blocked efforts by democrats to repeal arizona civil war era near abortion ban. they are defined calls from former president trump in arizona us senate candidate kari lake to take get more moderate approach ahead of the november election just last week, you'll recall arizona state supreme court ruled in favor of upholding the 800s, 64 law which prohibits abortions except to save the life of a woman abortion rights opponents gathered outside the state house today a member of the arizona chapter of right to life said, quote, this is not a political issue. it's a moral issue. abortion rights advocates were also on hand. they've been gathering signatures for ballot measure that would enshrine abortion access in the state's constitution up until fetal viability witch doctors estimate is around 22 to 24 weeks. that's it for us. the news continues. the source starts now straight from the

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source tonight, donald trump's first criminal trial resumes in hours, and we just got hold of new ammo dropped by the prosecution what could be coming at the former president if he ends up taking the stand and impeachment trial ends just hours after it began. >> yes. a biden cabinet member now keeps his job while the speaker of the house is clinging onto his after teeing up a vote. it's only expanding a right-wing revolt and a new blow to boeing as a whistleblower testifies the the asian giant. this knowingly putting out defective planes that could break apart during flight are source tonight as an engineer looking at the safety of boeing who also lost his sister in a deadly plane crash. i'm john king and for kaitlan collins, this is the source a shot across the bow to trump arguments not yet underway in the former president's first criminal trial. but the prosecution just revealed what it wants to use against him if

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big if he ends up testifying in his own defense, that is a giant f despite the former president's claims which is my absolute, it's a scam. it's a scam that's not a trial testifying. i tell the truth. i mean, all i can do is tell the truth and the truth is that there's no case they have no case. and again, you have to read the scholars read all of the legal scholars. i haven't seen one legal scholar that said this is the case prosecutors begged to differ. >> they're now unveiling some of their ammunition, what they would bring up all potentially cross-examining trump to discredit him to the jury. it's a long list. we don't have time for all of it, but prosecutors say they would ask the former president about the recent verdicts against him. how, for example, he was found liable for business fraud order to pay tens of millions of dollars to e. jean carroll for defamation and prosecutors say they would bring up how he was fine for violating a court order by publicly attacking a judge's law clerk, despite being warned not to do so.

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there will be a hearing eventually on whether all of that is fair fodder, but it does begs the question whether prosecutors are hoping to discourage trump from testifying by showing him all of he would face if he takes the stand, the trial resumes tomorrow with jury selection continuing. seven jurors he did yesterday, five more needed plus alternates, six of those most likely on this off day, trump's on another one of his trademark fact-free tears carping today about not being allowed, quote, unlimited strikes, meaning disqualification when picking the jury, ranting because he says his sayyed can't veto any prospective juror. they want each side only gets ten strikes. that's new york state law. and his lawyers certainly know that we've got legal sources from all perspectives tonight, from the prosecution table or cnn legal analysts, former assistant us attorney elie honig from the defense side, veteran new york attorney, author i dala, whose past high profile clients have ranged from harvey weinstein to rudy giuliani, and bringing us the view from the bench, former new york state supreme court justice, jill kohn visor

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arthur, i want to start with you with this list. to routine step. prosecution says, if you're defendant takes the stand, these are some of the things we've talked about him if you're trump's defense counsel, you look at this list. is that dissuade you? does it make it less likely? you would say testify the first thing i'd been doing is moving from ms at this point already because this lists should have been, first of all, put out under seal because they are now tainting the jury with all these bad acts that the judge may rule never come in. >> so the prospective jurors were watching get cnn tonight. are already now. they're being dirty it up by these acts that they may never here in the courtroom. so that's my first motion for mistrial. my second motion for mistrial is i wanted to know this in this judge's ruling before i start picking the jury because i may want to stand up there and say, mrs. jones, my client may very well testify here he does testify. you may hear that another judge has sanctioned him. how is that going to affect you assessing his or her credibility? so none of that has taken place. so those are the steps i would take legally also mr. trump,

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his lawyers can ask the judge to give him more than the ten trials that the more strikes there's a case law that goes back to the 1970s where a judge has the power to give more challenges in the long run, john, my clients not testifying in this case fair points. >> yeah. i think they're fair points. the purpose of this finally that we saw today is not to intimidate. it's not two sort of bear your teeth at the at the defendant and humiliated and taking the stand. it's to inform him. it's the put him on notice. if you take the stand, here's what we the prosecutors are going to use to impeach you. and if we look at that list today, i agree with i think some of it is not applicable here, some of it is not relevant, but some of it certainly is. for example, if donald trump takes the stand, it would be fair game for prosecutors to cross-examine mean him on. you just got hit with a massive fraud verdict. you're not reliable, you're not a truth teller. so some of those things i think are a fair game. trump needs to know about them and could be used to just wait from taking the stand and by the way, john, he's not

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taking the stand like, i know he's going to say he is every day from now until the end of the trial, it would be completely self-destructive from to take the stand and he doesn't lead to what would he say his defense here is going to be a reasonable doubt defense. they haven't proved their case. you can't rely on michael cohen. no reason for me to take the stand charged mershid still has to prepare for the possibility. >> he does and this is a hard trial to to keep control of already, and we're only in jury selection. we've done pretty pro and jury selection to arthur's point, how much of all this what can you be asked? how do at delay this out? how much do we have to decide even before we come to that decision, does donald j. trump testify? was the judge do well, i think i agree with a lot of what are the saddened, but not all of it. and i agree with the fact that there should have been done before trials that if in fact the lawyer wanted to make a colorable argument to a jury, what they might here they would have the information so that they would know. i think that's a very, very good point. well taken point with respect to whether jurors are watching this show tonight and they may be tented, tainted

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rather. of course, the jurors are told they are not to watch or listen to news reports and we're going to presume that they do follow the rules. so i don't know that that's something i would worry of jurors that jurors yet they're just 500 people who are waiting to be called into jerry jeff chip everyone watches the show, right job. >> so we're talking about the risks of jurors in the social media age and the cable television age and the like. the former president on truth, social lap posted this today. they're catching undercover liberal activists line to the judge in order to get on the trump jury. and he says he's quoting jesse water. so foxnews, of course. that's not a repost. it's trump. typing out something here it on tv is he trying. to influence the jury pool and is c within the lines of the gag order is always finding the thinnest little loophole to try to work his way through a gag order. if donald trump had said that himself, if donald trump said they're trying to lie their way into the jury straight up flagrant violation of the gag order. >> there's a bit if a gray area what if he took a clip of jesse watters saying that and

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just reposted it without comment. he has done that a couple of times and i think i called it out on the show earlier. i said da's office needs to stop that because it's essentially him making the statement, but they have not done that and now trump's taking it to the next level where he's retyping something that a media figures said and then sending that out. i think that violates the gag order. and here's the thing. the most sensitive group of people here that people who need to be protected most, or the juror. >> so if i'm the judge, i have the least tolerance for anything that might interfere with the jury what does the judge do he knows what he has here as a political case, it's a legal case, but it's a political case and he's tried to give trump's some elasticity and sort of stretch maybe where the line is, how far can you let him go and maintain order in his courtroom? >> i think he's given an amazing amount of leeway and in that sense, we hear trump talking about him being treated differently. he's getting a benefit here because the judge is not holding his feet to the fire because he's trying to be as balanced as he can because

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you want some move this case forward because he doesn't want any more stops. he once i get it over with. is this one dancing on the line crossing the line it up against dancing on the line trump was doing tango lesson sweet two with his comments so i think the judge would be well within his rights to make that make that call now. >> but what does it get him at the end of the day, we still want to get through this as quickly as possible. >> we're not in the room in the past, trump has not said haim defense team, what do you think of this? he's just he's just done i'm sure judge machine is thinking of two things. number one. number one, when it comes to these things, we do have first amendment rights and that's he's just read quoting someone else. so that's one issue. what john, when it comes to the sandoval ruling, that's what it's called about what could come out against donald trump if he testifies one of the bedrock foundation of our law is the defendant can testify and they can give their side of the story. and i think judges go out of their way to not two, not stop a defendant if on the

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prosecutor, i would say i'm not bringing any of this up. my case is so strong. i don't need to talk about what you did somewhere else. let's talk about what you did right here. and i'm going to destroy you on cross-examination based on what you did right here. >> we're moving along judge says possibly be done in time to start monday. if you're a prosecutor looking at what's been said, the pace of selecting jurors. you happy concerned, where are you as a prosecutor? >> i'm satisfied. i'm not overjoyed. it's definitely premature. nobody should be celebrating at this point. looking at the seven jurors who've been picked so far, they strike me as what you would want in a jury pool. they do not appear to be. and again, we don't necessarily know about these people, but they don't appear to be ideologues. they don't appear to be people who have their hair on fire for or against donald trump. and if i'm a prosecutor, that's all i want. i want a rock-solid very and i'm watching. i am on highest alert against a rogue trump supporter. if i'm a prosecutor, that is i promise you the number one thing is this person a trump supporter, who's not fully coming out and saying it. who knows, i don't see anything in any of those seven that leads me to believe

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that they may have. what about the defense perspective? >> you happy. >> first of all, it's with the head jokes you talk about guys with their hair on fire, the tool you over there i just the opposite right. so there are jurors who are going to lie on both sides really to get on the trial because it's a great trial of beyond and they may have underlying feelings when we pick the harvey weinstein trial, jurors, we add jurors swearing they could be fair and impartial, and then they would dismiss and we follow them on social media and they were bragging oh, i was almost on the trial to bring this piece of garbage down. so it's it's what, what we're talking about here is making sure that the people who don't have any ulterior motives, what i want is a juror. >> i want a conductor on the subway. >> i want a bus driver. i want someone who died who deals with regular people all the time. and when i asked him ready get your news from they say i don't watch the news. i take care of my family, i mow the lawn and i'm not into this whole thing. >> if you're the judge here, you know that if trump is convicted, this process will be one of the things as part of any appeal. >> of course so it put yourself

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in, judge marcia, it's are you happy with this? >> so far? you really, you really think? based on where we are now, i have seven looking for alternatives that we start on monday i think it's entirely possible. >> i was surprised by the number that they gotten the day one or day one-and-a-half, if you would which tells me that there probably following the rules, the lawyers are following the rules of the court, asking appropriate questions. the judge was very clear what they could ask him, what they couldn't ask the jurists seem to be interested in following the rules as well. and so i don't see why it would take that long. this is a class e non-violent felony offense. so as arthur alluded to, there are only or maybe you did to only ten challenges that are peremptory challenges where someone can be challenged on the jury for any reason or no reason so long as it's not discriminatory. >> so they've already used more than half. >> they could get more, but that's discretionary. the judge could say no, that's the rule that's the law. everyone else gets ten. you get ten and then they're going to end up with whoever is why i have to

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go judging you a storied career. did you ever try? at each level non-violent felony offense no. i'm john, they don't like those cases, don't go to trial. >> well, the tape, please write they often take making a plea bargain misdemeanors, right. so i'm like nothing. it's the lowest of the low it can happen. obviously, the defendant is facing state prison if convicted, but there's every alternative and the book, even if he is convicted on the class e felony. so that could happen too, but some some defendants have immigration issues or other issues and then you don't want to plead guilty and they will try their case. >> we finished jury selection first. that appears we move on. elie honig, arthur dala, judge. thank you very much. appreciate your time tonight. we'll continue this conversation. trump might be envious of what happened up on capitol hill today, democrats are able to ended impeachment trial just hours after it began. speaker johnson's headache, however, only growing why his job is now in deeper jeopardy. plus thanks for being a boeing whistleblower tells congress get this you just told us stay

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music. >> and now i want to focus on what's happening to our planet i'm going to visit coastal communities that have a new ally the fight against climate change. this is blue car business, blue carbon. >> we just need to plant and we need to protect nature rest. >> korbut, plus cnn, sunday at nine grand old party at the moment is acting like the grand old circus republicans finding themselves in a whirlwind of dramas. they're presumptive nominee, for example, donald trump it's in criminal court in new york, senate democrats today using their majority to reject as without merit, the house republicans impeachment of the homeland security secretary, alejandro mayorkas, and the man who sent the impeachment paperwork or to the senate house speaker mike johnson is himself in parallel facing a growing revolt from the right over his plan to pass foreign aid bills get

6:19 pm

perspective now from new york republican congressman mark ball, an hour who played a key role in elevating johnson into the speakership back in october, a congressman grateful for your time, let's begin by listening to the speaker just a short time ago. he says he's doing the right thing, not worried about losing his job. listen my philosophy is, you do the right thing and you let the chips fall where they may. i don't if i operated out of fear over a motion to vacate, i would never be able to do my job look history judges us for what we do. this is a critical time right now do you share his confidence already two of your colleagues, marjorie taylor greene and thomas massie have threatened to pull and file a motion to vacate the chair. >> you as you know, a host of other republicans are unhappy with the ukraine piece of this job safe the members that don't want to vote for component can vote against it. >> i think what the speaker is put forward is democracy. and for too many of my colleagues, they feel as if democracy she is too much work, if they should find a different job

6:20 pm

with the speaker has done is allowing us in this critical moment to take a vote on whether or not america is going to make clear to our enemies that we mean business and to our allies that we can be trusted. the speaker is doing the right thing. and those that want to move forward, this motion to vacate the awda put it to rest. the people who sent me here, americans all across this country, they're tired of the theater. they don't want the dysfunction. they want us to deliver. and the speaker careers doing the right thing by allowing us to vote at this critical moment in time you use the word theater, you used the word dysfunction. >> i'm going to read some numbers that you know, too well. these are more for our viewers you want 51, 49, you're a freshman. you just want 51, 49 while biden carried your district president, biden by nearly five points were in a presidential year, you're in a tough district. what happens when you raise your hand in the room and say, people, people, if we keep up the circus, i won't be here next year well, i would offer to you that i truly don't make my decision decisions based on that, but there are good number of us who understand that we live in a divided nation.

6:21 pm

>> we have a bipartisan government and the only way good policy is going to be made better. the only way we're going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the app, with our allies, israel and ukraine. the only way we push back against evil like putin, is to do an a bipartisan way and i'll i want to be judged by my ability and willingness to work across the aisle with anyone who's honest in earnest about solving the problems that face america and the people i serve is marjorie taylor greene, honest in earnest her, her, her theater in this constant effort to hold the congress hostage has to come to an end. i'm gonna have no party part in it and a good number of my colleagues, conservative and moderate, believed that enough is enough. it is time to move on and to move past this kind of nonsense or kevin hello hill team reporting today that the house majority whip tom emmer, working behind the scenes, saying he hopes speaker johnson stays, but if he doesn't if the chairs vacated, i'll be here for you. >> is that already happening? two senior members like that.

6:22 pm

thank the speakers in trouble i don't think that it is and i don't think that it's terribly helpful, i think right now the entire leadership team and all of us are focused on just getting this message shares of the floor and then vote up or down and ultimately vote your conscience, vote your constituency. >> but now, i think right now, we are fairly unified in the least in the concept that these have got to get to the floor. there are good number who don't want it, want these bills that come to this bill that come the floor. they don't want to support the provisions that's on them. but we recognize the need to vote and then to be judged on that vote. >> claressa melena are grateful for your time. thank you, sir. >> be well, thanks continue the conversation, joining me now, the democratic congressman role cano of california, former senior adviser, senator mitch mcconnell, cnn senior political commentator scott jennings. >> let's go. i can show the republican at the table. let me ask, can any republican be an effective speaker? at this moment? >> well, i think mike johnson is doing is about as good as you can do. and i am very proud of what he said today on cnn with jake tapper. he laid out

6:23 pm

his plan to get these foreign aid bills to the floor. he referred to himself as a reagan republican. he said he was gonna do what's right and let the chips fall where they may. and most importantly, he's going to let the house of representatives vote, which is what it is opposed to do and so i'm looking forward to this weekend because i think it looks to me like he's taking a bold posture and he's saying, i'm doing what i'm doing. this is my plan. and you guys do what you do. we'll see, we'll see what happens. i love the confidence of what he did today in the see what happens. department congressman aqaba, if this speaker lost his job, if another speaker lost his job or it was threatened threatened to lose his job, would democrat step in to save him or were democrats say, let's let the republicans stay in chaos because that helps us. >> john, i would certainly consider voting for a motion to table to save speaker johnson looked speaker johnson and i came into congress together. we have strong ideological difference france has been one of the things are your class talked about is having votes that are single allowing members of congress to vote separately on ukraine, on

6:24 pm

israel and taiwan in vote their conscience. and i give him credit for putting these up for votes as individual bills. that's what congress is supposed to be. and people can vote up or down scott president trump could help here. former president trump could help here. he had a seven word message when asked about whether he would try to help protect the speaker, he said, well we'll see what happens with that. well, we'll see what happens with that jake tapper asked the speaker about that today. listen have you talked to trump about this plan, this legislative plan in terms of how you're introducing these foreign aid bills and ultimately will he have your back? >> i think he will should he be that confident or is it does that sound confident? >> i mean, i'm sure it does. >> well, they they look they just had a big event together. they had a nice press conference and had a big a big public meeting. johnson has been a strong ally of donald trump and he said he briefed the former president on his plan. i take him at his word and i think if he did that, that was a smarter mark political move and look at the end of the day. all anyone can ever do is vote. and my

6:25 pm

suspicion is johnson's position on this is going to get a whole bunch of republican votes and a whole bunch of democrat votes. and it's probably going to reflect about what the american people think about these various issues, which is exactly what the house of representatives was designed to do. >> a lot of this congressman would be comedy if the stakes weren't so high because of the policy issues that are at play here. israel, ukraine, sometimes it's just keeping the government open, just creating confidence to the american people that the institutions of government work. the funny part comes that funny part comes when you have people like marjorie taylor greene today likening her republican speaker johnson to a democrat comparable, she says, even to nancy pelosi, let's the democrat speaker because mike johnson is literally going to pass chuck schumer's agenda from the senate. it's the same bill and he's trying to shove it down republicans throats is there a strategy there well luck, and there are a lot of

6:26 pm

things i've said on cnn that hammond aged well, one of the things i said about a year ago is the question is whether we'd have more british prime ministers or bore republican house speaker's. >> and i think their caucus a total mess. i mean, to blame someone for bringing up votes where people could vote there conscience. i think just as making them look like a circus, it's why i'm confident will win back the house. so the other thing john is that congress has an independent body. you're supposed to be independent of the president of the united states, let alone the former president. and it's really silly to me that donald trump is a former president, still has such control over independent body article one of the constitution, the house of representatives scott, the congressman just mentioned, vote your conscience. >> let's keep the word conscience in mind here. i want you to help me try to square the circle. the former attorney general bill barr has been incredibly critical of his former boss since resigning, he called trump a danger to democracy. he said trump portrayed his office. he warned on this show, trump would weaponize the department of justice, yet, he was asked how

6:27 pm

he would vote in november. listen i think, it's my duty to pick the person i think we do the least harm to the country. and in my mind techs, i will vote the republican ticket. i think the real danger the country, the real danger to democracy, as i say, as the progressive agenda. and while trump again, i said trump may be playing russian roulette, but continuation of, the biden administration has national suicide. my opinion we make of that. well, i think you can have that conversation with a whole bunch of republicans all over this country, millions of people are going to come to that conclusion. i suspect they don't like a lot of things donald trump did. maybe there's like some things he says, maybe they don't like some of the things he's in court over, but they are petrified of what joe biden might do with former years because they've seen the results of the first term. >> so i guess congressman, let's close it. so that's audie a consistency maybe, but it's not intellectual consistency. >> it's not principle. but john, here's one of the good news for the country, despite

6:28 pm

all the dysfunction we're going to bumble our way towards getting these aid packages past. and so at the end of the day, i would just say to other countries, don't underestimate america, our democracy still seems to work. despite the polarization car payment and are very good. goods has a man, congressman ro khanna scott, chinese. >> appreciate, gentlemen. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. up next stunning. simply stunning clients from a boeing engineer alleging the aviation giant isn't knowingly putting out defects the very we'll talk to another key witness who testified today, a safety expert, whose sister died in a boeing crash. he is now trying to save lives how it really happens. >> sunday, april 28 and nine on cnn doug, hello, ghostbusters it's duck of doggedly moon. >> we help people customize and save hundreds on car insurance with liberty mutual anyway we

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florida every step covered. live from the nation's capital, one of the most unforgettable nights in dc. this router will read back here biden and comedian collin joseph headline the white house correspondents dinner live saturday, april 27th, at seven

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eastern on cnn a bruising day for boeing up on capitol hill in two different senate hearings today, current and former boeing employees detailed problems with how the company makes sure airplanes are safe to fly i'm not going to sugar coat this. this is a criminal cover up. >> de are putting out defective airplanes boeing has built more commercial jets flying in america than any other company. to be clear, it's been more than a decade since there was a dead league plane crash here in the united states and flying in this country is still remarkably safe, but today's hearing added two more than five years of tough scrutiny about safety and manufacturing safeguards at boeing that scrutiny traces back to, to debit card crashes, both in other countries involving the 7307 max, then came this scene in january, a door plug blowing out in the middle of an alaska airlines flight. a month after that, pilots reported the flight controls jammed as a planned light plane landed in new jersey and in february, the faa flagged issues with

6:34 pm

de-icing equipment. it said could cause its engines to lose thrust. today, a boeing engineer testified he'd been threatened for racing safety concerns about the 7807 i want to make clear that i have raised these issues over three years. >> i was ignored. i was told not to create not to create delays. i was told frankly, to shut up boeing did not have witnesses that either hearing today, but earlier this week defended its standards that including a statement that reads in part, quote, boeing is fully confident in the 7807 dreamliner because of the comprehensive work done to ensure the quality and long-term safety of the aircraft still independent analysts point to a deeper corporate problem it's clear that there's a culture problem there, and i attributed to one thing and that is that the mission statement and the vision statement of boeing for the last ten years, did not have the word safety in it. >> the next gas is an aerospace engineer, mit aeronautics lecture. his sister was on

6:35 pm

board a boeing 7307 max eight when it crashed in ethiopia in 2019, he was also part of an expert panel that interviewed witnesses at every level of boeing and a key witness in front of congress today, javier do luis. thank you for joining us. i want to start with the words of one of the witnesses today mr. luis, other boeing is quote, pointing out defective airplanes staff from a whistleblower putting out defective airplanes. that's a lot stronger than cutting corners here and there on safety, what do you make of that? >> well i'm not sure that the effective that well, let me put it this way in the work that we did with the panel, we didn't identify any purposely defective aircraft however, we did identify many instances where work is being pushed through at effect faster pace than it should be, which leads to situations where aircraft are heading out the door with things that are just not right with parts that are not

6:36 pm

installed correctly with thought what they call pfad for an object debris in the aircraft leftover tools, left or shavings, things like that and that can lead to disasters be the picture you showed of the door blowing out that was caused in part because of defective work on the fuselage. in this case, it was from the buoying suppliers barrett nervous system. it arrived with faulty rivets those rivets now had to be repaired in order to be repaired, those rivets you have to remove the door. you remove the door when you put it back, you'd forget the bolts and you have a near catastrophe. that's the kind of stuff that our panel looked at. and it's still ongoing sadly, i mean, it's been five years since the two crashes. >> i want to come back to some of the specifics, but i want you to help me a little bit with your personal journey. you have obviously you have the expertise, the engineering and aeronautics expertise, but

6:37 pm

you're you're helping dig in to investigate the company that built the plane on which your sister parish to walk through is that a motivation? is that is that a challenge? is it both well this wasn't something that i look forward to doing. >> let me put it that way. this way since my five years since five years ago, when they get crashes happen, i've been working with a small group of families that lost their loved ones on ethiopian 302. >> and we've been trying to make sure that this doesn't happen again. we engage congress. we would legislation we engaged immediate to make sure that story gets out there. i myself talk to students around, around the country on campus about ethical engineer and ethical problems they might face as engineers and in that role, when this panel was formed, i was asked to be on it, but i got to tell you it was a bit difficult walking into boeing headquarters on a personal level that was not an easy thing but i i felt that it

6:38 pm

was necessary and i got some very nice compliment from one of the members of the panel when they said that the nice thing about the good thing about having me on the panel was that when they would look around the room, they would get to remember that this is an, an abstract discussion. this is a very real discussed russian because people's lives, people's family members lives are at stake. here. >> so i want to go through some of what boeing said about the concerns that you and your panel raised, quote, since 2020, boeing has taken important steps to foster a safety culture that empowers and encourages all employees to raise their voice. we know we have more work to do and we are taking action across our company in the five-year since your sister died, do you believe those changes have been made? do you think boeing can do it on its own or does it need somebody regulate or somebody else najah them alone? >> i think that they have taken steps. that is correct there are there have been changes and we note them in in our report

6:39 pm

the problem i think that we had at a very high level was that there were a lot of words that are being said at at moines management level. but what what people reported get to us through interviews and surveys. what people reported to us with was that the actions on the floor on the factory floor in the engineering room are not matching the words that they're hearing. so they're being told? yes, safety is the number one priori and what they see is that that's true until you fall behind on the line and then it's get it out the door. they're being told speak up. if you see anything wrong and they see that when they do speak up, most of the time, there's very little followed through the issues that they raise and that they insist they might find themselves on the short end of the stick when it comes time for raises or promotions those kind of those kind of events really contribute to a faulty safety culture or a lack of a safety culture and in a company that

6:40 pm

makes this kind of hardware, this, this hi reliability hardware like an airplane. you need people to not be afraid that they're putting their livelihoods on the line. if they raise an issue that they think is important, you need the focus to be not on blame when something goes wrong but on why did it go wrong and how can we prevent it from going wrong in the future that's the attitude that has not that we did not see yet at boeing. will they get there eventually they might. i don't know. i do know that it has been five years we need to move at a faster pace. i i don't believe that the that the rate of change that we're seeing is commensurate with the events that cause us to be needed in the first place. namely, the crashes of two brand new airplanes and the death of than the deaths of 346 people things need to pick up and need to, they need to go much fatter. >> critical perspective. javier, did luis appreciate your time, so thank you my

6:41 pm

pleasure of china's rise, russia's gains and ukraine and now iran sending missiles into israel. >> we are living in quite dangerous time my next guest calls it the new cold war's how america keeps making the same mistakes to deal with major threats cnn this morning with kasie hunt tomorrow at five easter with flonase allergies, don't have to be scary. spraying flow net's daily gives you long-lasting, non drowsy relief. >> flonase, all good. >> also try are allergy headache, and nighttime pills from meat free monday to sizzle pans sunday so many ways to save life ready while it happy. that's the 3605 by whole foods market, choosing a treatment for your chronic migraine 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting for hours there's are more can be overwhelming.

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6:46 pm

liters now worried the tide shifting dramatically, perhaps in russia's favor. a lot to discuss with david sanger, the white house and national security correspondent for the new york times, his new book new cold war's is out now. sanger has covered five presidents, starting with bill clinton in the book, describes how a fundamental misunderstanding of countries like russia and china influenced us policy. for instance, saying he writes, quote, each precedent claim to yet achieved meaningful progress toward integrating america's adversaries into a world order. washington had created and nurtured for 75 years each new bond assign the world's most powerful nations were rolling together they were not david sanger, grateful for your time tonight let me just start. i think one of the most provocative things is just the title, not new cold war, but plural, new cold war's the mess is everywhere well that's right john. and what i want to try to make clear from that title is that the old cold war was sort of a singular event between the

6:47 pm

united states and the soviet union. it had a predictability about it. we understood who had launched authority for their weapons. we understood pretty much what they would do and what motivated them. this is a new era in which you have russia, china, to some degree, iran gathered together in something that the iranians called the axis of resistance to us influence it's a huge shift just nine years ago during the iran nuclear negotiations, the russians and the chinese were sitting on the american and european side of the table. hard to imagine that today so we're in a very different environment. and the question, the book tries to pose is, how did we get here and how do you get out of it? >> well, let's dig into that. was back when i was covering the clinton white house is your as well they'll clinton thought, let's bring china into the world trade organization when they come in and join us or they'll see how

6:48 pm

great we are. they'll start acting like us. let's integrate them and they will change their ways. george w bush came to change his mind. but remember that famous first meeting with vladimir putin where he said he had looked into his soul mistakes mistakes. one of biden's closest advisers told you in the book, quote, i think it's fair to say just about every assumption across different administrations was wrong. that's not just not just talking about russia, i guess the question today is including the man who is president, right now, have the right lesson has been learned. >> what's a good question? because they're hard to absorb, look everybody. was well-intentioned here. they thought after the cold war it would make sense for russia to continue getting its revenue through its oil sales to the west. and therefore, it would put aside its territorial desires that china would do something similar in order to keep up into the markets we were to some degree projecting our motivations on them. and what president biden has inherited is the wreckage that

6:49 pm

has come from the discovery we weren't watching carefully enough there's a scene at the beginning of the book and i think you may remember this john, from when george w bush and his wife are floating down the never river in saint petersburg with vladimir putin one their two dozen meetings, joe biden's had one and probably will never have another with president putin. >> and on the boat, they're talking about joining, having russia joined the european union, having russia maybe one day join nato. >> that the alliance that was created in order to contain them today, that looks fanciful. >> and the question is, did we have to give it a shot back then? or did we recognize and react to late after putin issued is warnings, took crimea. and now of course, all of ukraine attempted, all of ukraine attempted all of ukraine. >> president reagan, of course back in the day was defined by

6:50 pm

the singular cold warrior spoke of mr. gorbachev, tear down that wall, use it to build both a leadership at a political identity joe biden doesn't have a singular challenge. how is he being defined by this and how would you, it's complicated. iran is sure if that israel is different from china is different from russia. we're not even talking about problems in africa and beyond. what is the test looking at those pictures of reagan at the brandenburg gate, i was just living in berlin not far from that gate for a couple of months there are still a good number of people in germany who think we are going back to an era in which will resolve ukraine and then embrace the russians again. >> and buy their oil. and that will be the way to safety the elites in europe have a very different view. they are that we're in this cold war, this new cold war's for decades and that the unpredicted ballot and predictability right now comes from the fact that russia and

6:51 pm

china are working so closely together. and that's what the us has got to go begin to address. >> fair to say? i appreciate the time of the timing of the book, obviously is spectacular. important. appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you, john. thank you. >> i had a lot of people post on politics. of course, on social media. most though, don't end up as potential jurors in the trial of the former president of the united states well, show you some of the posts that carthy eyes, the attention of donald trump's lawyers and prosecutors good, evening everyone. i'm abby phillip. what on earth is going on with the republican party is just a huge problem for the biden campaign. how do you know? that those numbers are false? >> news night with abby phillip. next on cnn engineered

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chemistry. new hands-free sketcher slip ends. >> it's likes lipids have an invisible built-in shoehorn, so my foot slides into place, mind blown tomorrow, jury selection resumes and former president donald trump's criminal trial. >> seven jurors are already selected, and we already have a pretty good idea as to how the next 11 picked six jurors and six alternates will have their social media intensely scrutinized. we have that idea because of what the transcript transcript, excuse me. tell us about jury selection so far, i want to bring into this conversation veteran tech journalist kara swisher, a contributing opinion writer for the new york times, and the host of the great podcasts qarrah, a great to see, i want to read a few of these tweets, i guess it's the sign of our times dug up by trump's lawyers and flagged during the trial. one person who is a prospective juror posted, get him out and lock him up, and watch out for students, tweets by djt. another posted and ai video titled, i am dumb as insert expletive, trump. while

6:57 pm

another perspective jurors, husband posted a picture of obama and trump from 2016 and said, i don't think this is what they meant. orange is the new black. the last juror was not dismissed because it was her husband's pose what what do you make of this? is there some karma, some irony in that donald trump, the king of offensive social media sitting there listening to tweets about him he's probably seeing them for the first time because he likes to see the happy stuff. but the internet is written in indelible ink. everything you've done, every path you've made is there for people to find. i mean, i don't even want to think think about the things i've tweeted or said online or anywhere else. and so you know, when you're in positions where you might get scrutinized like a jury or the head of npr they were else you're going to have that happen to you and you either have to say yeah, that's what i said or i don't think it anymore, but you're gonna you're gonna live and die by it essentially well, i guess the live or die by, i tell my kids so they're all old and professional now. >> but when they were in high

6:58 pm

school, when they were in college, be careful, be careful, be careful. you're gonna have to get a job someday. i guess i never thought about the context i just have a jury, but i guess at that point i was never thinking that a former present united states might be at the defendant's table. so politics too. so it's not just not just stupid stuff. >> yeah, except to pretend people don't have opinions is kind of silly to everybody has opinions and they, they sometimes they just are joking or king or they're passing around names or something like that. and i'm kind of the christiane amanpour school of truthful, not neutral. i think if they can do their jobs and be fair, that is possible. you can have political opinions and still be able to judge someone based on the evidence. and i think that's really where the rubber meets the road. and i think the judge has been knocking out stuff that seemed ridiculous. and if someone's very clearly anti-trump, they shouldn't serve on the jury, but in general, making jokes are passing around memes is sort of table stakes these days, you get a good view at this because of your expertise had how the corporate world handles this maybe maybe the judge is trying to do the same

6:59 pm

thing. is there a statute of limitations or if it's one post from five years ago, it doesn't have as much weight as maybe a series of posts all the time. is that how you go through you? is this person like lok stone biased or is this person just once or twice did something they thought was entertaining? >> yeah i think that's appropriate to do if they did it yesterday instead, he's guilty and i'm going to vote to convict if i get on this jury, that's a very different story than passing around oranges, the new black black thing. >> i just don't i just do it's a joke kind of thing. donald trump does it all the time. he's never getting on a jury if that's case right on almost anything. and so he liberally uses these things and he uses them to great effect and he does them to get revenge or not. often a joke, usually all kept screaming everybody has has their digital history and their path inscribed and something that's never going away. and so you have to live with it essentially. >> you mentioned donald trump. he has a past. it's a very colorful controversial sometimes wildly offensive and

7:00 pm

reckless past on social media he also has a present, this one, just this morning. it begins this way. let me get up to the tweet here. stupid jimmy kimmel, who's still hasn't recovered from his surrenders performance and big ratings drop as hosting the academy awards that's not a juror, of course. that's donald trump. that is donald trump in the middle of the trial while he is the presumptive republican nominee for president yeah well, he needs an emotional support social network, you know, that's what he needs. this thing is very important to him to express himself. he's got, he's got a lot of ed and not a lot of impulse control. and so that's what he does. and this is how he feels better. so i'm doing it, right that town, just like that. a lot of beheaded, not a lot impulse control must still that line. i will give you credit to kara swisher, grateful for your time. tonight. thank pretty much. >> the 30 for your time at home and thanks for joining us cnn news night with abby phillip starts now

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