Wordle Solver - Get Help On Today's Wordle Without Cheating (2024)

If you’re looking for Wordle help amidst the vast space that is the world wide web, look no further than WordFinder’s Wordle solver — the ultimate solver designed to help you conquer the daily puzzle. A Wordle solver is a powerful tool that takes your green and yellow letter inputs and generates a curated word list, giving you the edge you need to solve Wordle challenges with precision. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to confident gameplay!

How to Use Our Wordle Solver

When all else fails and you’re stumped on what word to play today, WordFinder® is here to help. Our Wordle solver will help you make quick work of even the game’s most perplexing puzzles, so you can get the Wordle help you need exactly when you need it. Much like our Scrabble cheat tool and word unscrambler tool, our Wordle solver is straightforward and simple to use.

  1. To find the right word, start by typing the letters you have in the correct positions in the corresponding space. These are your green tiles.

  2. Next, enter any letters you've correctly identified in the “Includes” search field. This can include all the letters you have in both green and/or yellow squares in the game.

  3. Type all of the letters you know are not part of the word into the “Excludes” search field. That’s all of the letters in the dark gray squares. You can add up to 25 excluded letters.

  4. Hit the Search button to generate a complete list of all valid Wordle words that match your letters.

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How to Use the WordFinder Wordle Solver

NOTE: Filling all the search fields is not required. You can search for words using only the "Correct Position" square, only the “Includes” option, only the “Excludes” field, or any combination of the three if you’d like. It wouldn’t be a Wordle cheat if it wasn’t easy, now, would it?

If you need some more Wordle help, but you enjoy the mystery surrounding today’s word a lot more than you enjoy trying to guess different letters at a time, try out our daily Wordle hints instead. With three unique hints culminating to three unique chances at guessing, you might be able to figure out today’s word — and exercise your brain, while you’re at it.

And if you’re looking for not a Wordle solver or a Wordle hint, but an archive of all the past Wordle answers — well, what do you know? We have that too. Go back in time and poke and prod at all the previous Wordle answers, and maybe eliminate some of your guesses that way, too. Anything to protect that winning streak, right?

A Quick History of Wordle

Wordle has captivated word puzzle enthusiasts around the world, and our Wordle solver is here to help you unravel its mysteries. Developed by British software engineer Josh Wardle, Wordle took the social media world by storm in early 2022, gaining popularity for its addictive and challenging gameplay.

The popularity of Wordle grew at such an exponential rate that The New York Times purchased the game from Josh Wardle on January 31, 2022. Although our deep-dive into Wordle reveals a 67% decline in search interest during an eight-month period after the purchase, a WordFinder survey of 600 users revealed approximately 49% of them still play Wordle loyally.

More recently still, our insight into the overall popularity of word games reveals Wordle has continued holding its spot as America’s most popular word game, beating out popular competitors like Contexto, Wordscapes, NYT Connections, and even the fan-favorite Words With Friends.

Today, Wordle lives on the official NYT website, and is still a big topic of discussion on sites like Twitter and TikTok, where some creators have amassed over one million followers for their Wordle-specific content. As players continue to strive to guess the daily word, they face the need for assistance and turn to reliable Wordle solvers for help —and thus, our Wordle cheat tool exists for such players!

Where Can You Play Wordle, Exactly?

  • SMARTPHONE — Whether you have an iOS or an Android device, your access to Wordle doesn’t change. Download the NYT Games app on your phone and have quick access to the daily Wordle puzzle.

  • ONLINE — If you’re running low on phone storage (yeah, been there), you can always visit the Wordle page online on the NYT official website. The site updates promptly every day, and even saves your progress and streaks!

  • AS A PARTY GAME — It’s also, believe it or not, a board game now, but that comes with its own set of differences you may want to consider before buying. Still, if you’re down, the Wordle board game is a great way to invite people who may not be as tech-savvy as you to join the fun!

  • TRY THE DUPES — Apps like “Wordle!” and “Word Guess” exist on both Android and iOS devices, offering an infinite number of puzzles to play every day instead of the daily limit like the official Wordle site.

How to Play (and Win at) Wordle

So, how does one play Wordle? What’s more, how does one play Wordle and win every time? Good question. Your goal is to find a hidden word within a limited number of attempts. You only get six attempts to figure out what the hidden word is. If you fail, the game is over.

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Steps to play Wordle

  1. For the first attempt, try to play any valid five-letter word. The best words to play first in Wordle contain the most common consonants with some vowels, increasing your odds of finding some correct letters.

  2. If any of your letters belong to the hidden word, they turn yellow. If they are part of the word and in the correct position, they turn green.

  3. During subsequent turns, use the yellow and green letters and place them where you believe they belong in the word. This means that you leave the green letters where they are. You also need to play letters you haven’t tried yet to find the remaining letters.

  4. Repeat this process until either you find the word or use all six of your attempts.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, that’s what allows Wordle to be such an engaging puzzler. It’s also the reason there’s such a necessity for a powerful Wordle solver that can provide some much-needed Wordle cheats. We know, we know — we think of everything.

Challenging Wordle’s Hard Mode

Think you need a bit more challenge? Though the core gameplay never changes, Wordle does offer an optional level of complexity. Select “hard mode” in the game’s settings by tapping on the “gear” icon in the top-right corner. In Wordle’s hard mode, you have to use any revealed hints in your subsequent guesses. This means you can’t try a word with a completely different assortment of letters.

For example, if you enter the word EMPTY and the Y turns green and the T turns yellow, you must use those letters in your next word. The Y must be in the fifth position. Complete each guess under this limitation, adding each new revealed letter as you do, until you find the answer. In this case, the answer might be something like TACKY.

We definitely recommend keeping our Wordle helper tool handy for this mode, though. It’s extremely fun, but it can get very challenging very quickly!

Wordle Spin-Offs You May Enjoy, Too

There are dozens, if not hundreds of Wordle-inspired games out there. And our Wordle word finder tool can help you with a lot of them, too!

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The Most Popular Wordle Spinoffs

  • QUORDLE — Rather than trying to solve one puzzle, the player needs to complete four at once. This significantly increases the difficulty, making Quordle the perfect game for players who don’t consider regular Wordle to be much of a challenge.

  • NERDLE — Nerdle is a mathematics game. Each puzzle has a hidden equation that you must deduce. It’s perfect for word game lovers that love math just as much.

  • WORLDLE — Worldle is a geography trivia game. For each puzzle, the game shows the outline of a country. To win the Worldle puzzle, you need to enter the name of that country.

  • DORDLE — This game, as the name implies, challenges you to solve two word puzzles at the same time. So, similar to how Quordle is basically four times as challenging as Wordle, Dordle offers twice the challenge of the original Wordle.

  • OCTORDLE — Octordle has you complete eight different puzzles simultaneously. Octordle also has a tendency to use more obscure words than most other games. Luckily, the game is gracious enough to give you 13 attempts to solve the puzzle.

  • WORD MASTER — Word Master is the most popular Wordle clone. “Octo” Katherine Petrerson’s Word Master has the same settings options as Wordle, but you can play it more than once a day.

  • ABSURDLE — Absurdle gives you an endless number of chances to solve the puzzle, but there’s a major catch: The answers can change depending on the words you try.

For those spin-offs still involving five-letter words, keep our Wordle solver open. Considering how hard some of these sound, you may need it more than you think!

A Quick Guide to Grasping Wordle

Mastering Wordle requires not only a sharp intellect but also strategic thinking and clever tactics. That’s why these tips and tricks are invaluable to enhance your Wordle-solving skills. Whether you're a beginner seeking guidance or a seasoned player looking for an edge, our Wordle solver tips will help you navigate the puzzles with confidence. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to mastery with our comprehensive Wordle cheat sheet.

Best Wordle Starting Words

According to the official NYTimes WordleBot, there are specific starting words that can help with the success of your daily game. As your official Wordle helper, we’re here to present to you the five best words you can start with during your daily Wordle.

In normal mode, start with:






In hard mode, start with:






Top Tips & Tricks to Solving the Puzzle

To uncover the five-letter word of the day before you run out of guesses, you need to employ smart Wordle strategy. If you want to guess with your own merit before trying our Wordle solver, we get it. With these Wordle tips and tricks at your disposal, you can solve even the most challenging of daily word puzzles.

Use the Best Wordle Words First

You need to be smart about the Wordle starting words you choose to play. Starting with words with less-common letters or words with duplicate letters are great ways to waste your precious and limited turns. The New York Times carefully curates its list of Wordle answers, so obscure words are unlikely too. Keep these tips and tricks in mind as you develop your own gameplay strategy.

Play Your Words at the Right Time

Paired with the first Wordle strategy is the understanding to play the right words at the right time. What this means is that as you take your turns, you need to pay attention to what letters you’ve already played and what other letters could go with them. That's the only way you'll solve the hardest Wordle words when they come up.

Use the Green and Yellow Letter Tiles Effectively

Remember that position matters. If the letter “E” lights up yellow in the second position, you may want to avoid guessing words where the second letter is E. Instead, play words with E in other spots, like ERASE or HAZEL. Wordle tips and tricks like this ensure you maximize the information you can glean from your guesses.

Develop Your Vocabulary to Improve Your Wordle Strategy

To win Wordle consistently, you need to know a lot of words. That means you need to develop your vocabulary by memorizing some Wordle word lists. This takes time, dedication and practice, but the benefits are worth it. And those benefits extend past winning word games. Enriching your vocabulary is worth it for the sake of exercising your mind and increasing your knowledge, too.

The Heart Is In the Wordle Community

With its popularity, Wordle has found a community around the world wide web that encourages both daily interactions and fascinating tools. Much like how the community’s helped our Wordle word finder tool come to life, it’s also spawned some pretty neat things you might enjoy checking out.

  • WORDLE SUBREDDIT — With over 35k “solvers” taking part of the subreddit, the Wordle subreddit is part of the top 5% subreddits on the site, based solely on size. To this day, it’s updated with posts to discuss the daily Wordle with fellow puzzlers.

  • WORDLE ON TIKTOK — With big word game creators like Savannah (dailyxsav) and Michael DiCostanzo (michael.dicostanzo), Wordle continues to thrive on Gen Z’s favorite app. Hashtags like #dailywordle and #wordletips stay on top of TikTok’s favorite trends. YourDictionary even uploads daily Wordle hints!

  • PERTHIRTYSIX’S VISUAL WORDLE SOLVER — Have you always wanted to visualize every Wordle guess imaginable? Well, now you can! PerThirtySix’s visual Wordle solver allows you to pick your starting letter and go from there.

  • STARTLE — If you’re looking for the best starting word for you, specifically, Startle’s got you covered. It simulates 1.1 billion games of Wordle to analyze how your starting word might perform in a game. It’s a pretty neat Wordle helper.

  • SOLVING WORDLE USING INFORMATION THEORY — This is just a pretty cool, pretty popular video. Get smarter and get better at Wordle by watching this YouTube video with over nine million views to date.

Get Those Green Squares

If you want to be the envy of all your other word game-loving friends, get the upper hand by using our Wordle solver. This is precisely the Wordle word finder you need in your corner to turn those gray squares into a perfect row of five green squares. Find every five-letter word you could ever need to win today’s Wordle game. To play Wordle, visit nytimes.com.

Wordle Solver - Get Help On Today's Wordle Without Cheating (2024)
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